Let There Be Light

100 years of discovery at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

What a challenge and honour it was to write this one! The book is a snapshot of the exciting breakthroughs made at Australia’s oldest medical research institute – from pioneering research in the early 20th Century to the bold, cutting-edge investigations its scientists carry out now. It captures the spirit of this wonderfully buoyant institution, home to scientific luminaries including Nobel Prize-winner Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet, Professor Don Metcalf and Sir Gustav Nossal AC, as well as the hundreds more enthusiastic researchers who work to better the lives of patients around the world. (Miegunyah, Melbourne University Press, May 2016. Not available commercially.)


Ralf the Giant Schnauzer has been a much-loved therapy dog at the Royal Children’s Hospital for years, bringing joy and comfort to sick children, helping in often remarkable ways. Yet Ralf was once an unruly pup with a big barking problem who faced an uncertain future after coming to the attention of the local authorities. He then ran rampage through the home of the family that rescued him. Full of twists and turns, the story­ of this endearing animal will both entertain and touch those who read it.

Women of Spirit

True-life stories of gutsy Australian women living in places from the red-dirt Kimberley to the misty mountains of Victoria’s remote high plains. From the latte-sipping city girl turned rural success story to the Aboriginal racehorse trainer who raised eight daughters on her own and saw three of them create racing history. Women who’ve taken on all that life can throw at them and come out smiling. See ‘News’ for reviews.

Great Australian Horse Stories

A collection of entertaining, often extraordinary and invariably heart-warming tales about horses – from high country brumbies to trusty Clydesdales and outback stock horses – and their owners. And the special bond between them. For horse-lovers and anyone who likes a good yarn.

Forged with Flames

As the Ash Wednesday bushfires raged around her in a small Victorian town in February 1983, a young mother stood between her two young daughters and the massive fireball heading straight for them…
Ann Fogarty’s simply told story of her inspiring recovery from those events is an account of hope and determination.

Doctor Hugh

The memoirs of Hugh Wirth, vet and indomitable head of the RSPCA, written in his unmistakable tell-it-as-it-is voice. A frank, lively and often humorous account of the pets he has known and people he has taken on.

Shadow of a Girl

Autobiographical account of Amanda Jones who became a chronic anorexic during her teenage years. This account, using her personal diary and conversations with Anne Crawford, charts the course of Amanda’s illness over four years and her eventual recovery. Includes a glossary and list of support organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Co-authored with Amanda Jones. (Penguin, 1994.) Out of print.